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BP General services and installs gas fireplaces, BP PICgas generators, gas log sets & gas firepits.  Call today to make an appointment:  203-400-4345.  

Whether you have a fireplace that is in need of a cleaning or repair, or would like to add a fireplace to a masonry chimney or living space, BP General can take care of all of your fireplace needs.

Brian Pieck, owner, is licenced, insured, and ready to take care of all of your service and installation needs.  


Brian has MASTERED the art of fire!! 


Fireplace Installation

BP General can install a gas fireplace insert into your existing masonry fireplace. Don't have a masonry fireplace? Call today to find out how to add a gas fireplace or stove to a space that's never had a fireplace before or if you are constructing a new space for a fireplace.

Generator Installation

Generators have become very popular given the storms over the past couple of years that have left home owners without power for days. BP General can pipe your gas generator for your home in no time. Call for details!

Log Set Installation

Log Sets can be added to any masonry fireplace. Designed with exquisite realism and detail, they will add warmth and ambiance to your living space. Log Sets can be customized to further decorate your fireplace to your liking.